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Tatio Active DX Collagen Softgel is compact with vitamins to make it most effective supplement for anti-aging. Our product has the ability to boost body's collagen production and promotes skin regeneration and elasticity.

1. Tightens Pores
2. Improves skin ability to hydrate Itself
3. Reduces lines and wrinkles
4. Keeps cells running smoothly
5. Helps maintain healthier joints
6. Increases skin-elasticity suppleness.
7. Contains high anti-oxidant nutrients.

Additional Info:

Collagen 1050mg
Iso-Brass Su 50mg
Iso-Huang su-Alkali 50mg
Soy Protein 50mg
Zinc 100mg
Vit E 200mg
Vit D 200mg
Vit C 100mg
Ca 50mg

Collagen Softgel

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