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 Our Team


Gwen Colletti

>VP of Clinic Operations

> Society of Dermatology Skin Care Specialist

> Skin 101 Dermatology/Surgical Care Pioneer

> Dual-Licensed Master Aesthetician

> Nationwide Certified Master Aesthetician

> National Coalition of Esthetician's Association


Facial Treatment

Gwen is a Nationwide Certified, Dual-Licensed  Master Aesthetician for 18 years with vast experience in corrective skincare settings.

Gwen is currently continuing her education in Las Vegas College aside from through the Commission of Accreditation and takes her Masters Courses at the Institute of Advanced Aesthetics Health and Sciences. All of this is to better serve YOU, her most valued friends and clients.  Gwen is the most reliable Skin Care Provider in Las Vegas, Nevada and Derma Elite 101 is also accredited by the Better Business Bureau!

Gwen was awarded with NCEA Certified credentials. The NCEA Certified credentials signify the values and credibility for consumers when determining the expertise and training of an Aesthetician. This prestigious award is earned by those who have met the advanced training standards, equivalent to a Master Aesthetician license. Attaining this certification is the highest voluntary credentials in the United States which raises the standards of this profession, beyond entry-level licensure.

Gwen is 1 of only 2 Master Aestheticians in the entire state of Nevada to be awarded these credentials.

Gwen is also a proud and active member of the Society of Dermatology Skin Care Specialists. 

The Society of Dermatology Skin Care Specialists members have worked as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with the National Coalition of Estheticians Association (NCEA) to help develop the National Aesthetician Certification.

Gwen is the ONLY Master Aesthetician that is a member of the SDSS in the entire state of Nevada!

Gwen is certified with Aesthetics Accreditation International for Sanitation and Disinfection Protocols.

Derma Elite 101 Skin Health and Acne Clinic is constantly sanitized and cleaned throughout each day in order to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness standards, including CDC guidelines for Covid-19 prevention.

Medical Aesthetics Masters Certification of Achievements:


  • Causes of Cutaneous Diseases and Disorders

  • Etiology and Management of Acne

  • Etiology and Management of Rosacea



  • Chemical Resurfacing in Dermatology

  • Layered Peels in Dermatology

  • Phototherapy in Dermatology



  • Hormones and Skin Disorders

  • Managing Ethnic Skin

  • Immunology

  • The Endocannabinoid System



  • Society of Dermatology Skin Care Specialist 

  • National Coalition of Estheticians Association

  • International Dermal Institute

  • Physicians Care Alliance

  • Skin Script RX

“Healthy skin is my passion"

Chris Colletti
>VP of Clinic Operations
>Advanced Aesthetician


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Facial Treatment


​Chris Colletti studied Business Management in his home state of Louisiana, both in New Orleans (University of New Orleans) and Thibodaux (Nicholl’s State University).


​Chris has extensive Sales and Marketing experience from his days in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Since moving to Las Vegas, Chris spent 15 years in the Hotel & Casino business.  Chris was the Director of Hotel Operations for 2 major Hotel/Casinos where he also served as a corporate trainer in Customer Service.  Through his other business, Colletti Consulting Services, he has built several of his own training programs which have improved overall customer satisfaction for many different businesses.

Chris then joined the medical field as a Global Software Instructor for two of the largest medical companies in the world, Varian & Siemens Healthineers.  Chris trained globally to help in the fight against cancer! 


Now, Chris received his Esthetics License at Aveda Institute and furthered his education in earning his Advanced Aesthetic license!

Chris truly tapped into a passion he did not realize he had, in skin care.  Chris loves making people get/keep their confidence with beauty, healthy skin.  Chris loves using advanced cosmetic devices and advanced techniques to keep people looking beautiful!


Christopher always says, “Take care of the people that take care of you.  Without YOU, our endeared clients, there would be no US.  No two people are alike so I believe in tailoring your client experience to how YOU would like it to go.  The Platinum Rule is so important to me because it confirms that you can give different experiences to each person and still have it be the best experience for THEM.  We are all family here and we aim to make our clients feel that same love and support while we go along with you through your skin health journey!”

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